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Pre-university studies (preparatory course)

The preparatory course gives you an opportunity to start your studies in LSPU, get a degree, and start your career.

The course is created for students who do not have the required command of the Russian language.

What documentation is required?

  • a scanned copy of your passport (good quality preferable);
  • a scanned copy of your certificate of education;
  • the application form which can be completed on our website.


A year of study with the pre-university department (September - June) costs 106 000. In addition to this, a student will have to pay for medical insurance, which is obligatory and costs about 6000 rubles a year. LSPU also provides students with accommodation, which costs about 11 000 a year.

Medical insurance and accommodation fees are paid on arrival at the university

Study payments can be made prior to arrival by bank transfer or by cash in rubles upon arrival at LSPU.

Important dates

The academic year in Russia begins on 1st September, so we need to start considering the candidates’ documents and make invitations for them between May 1st and August 15th. The deadline is August 15th

Invitation for visa

After receiving your application, and all necessary documents, we start to prepare your invitation. It takes about 30–40 days to get the invitation ready. As soon as it’s ready you will be notified.


For any further information, feel free to contact us on:

  • Tel: +7 (4342)32-84-75
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