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About Lipetsk

The Lipetsk Region is located in Central European Russia, 500 km from Moscow. This is a large industrial region with a few open economic zones and one of Russia’s largest steel mills.

Lipetsk is an administrative center of the Lipetsk Region, a special industrial economic zone, and a major metallurgy center. The city founded thanks to Peter the Great was recognized as the most well-appointed Russian city in 2005.

The population of Lipetsk is > 500,000 people.

Places of interest

The Lipetsk mineral springs

with chloride and sulfate water were discovered in1805. The city obtained the status of a resort center. The chemical content of Lipetsk mineral water is similar to that of the mineral waters of famous German resorts Liebenstein and Termont.

The famous Novolipetsk steel mill

located on the left bank of the Voronezh river is almost as big as the city!

The Galichya Mountain reserve

has plants that are completely uncharacteristic of the Russian Plain.

The Kudykina Mountain

amusement park is located near Kamenka village. It has attractions for kids, a reserve with exotic animals, a wooden fortress, and a small lake with a beach.